Fatal Startup Marketing Mistakes - Egan Montgomery

Most Startup Marketers Make This Fatal Mistake

As a startup, part of an efficient go to market strategy is making informed assumptions. We simply don’t have access to all the data that larger, more established companies have access to. As a result, we are required to make decisions that are lesser informed, and we are forced to rely on instincts and gut … Continue reading Most Startup Marketers Make This Fatal Mistake

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Welcome to eganmontgomery.com

Hi! My name is Egan Montgomery. I’m a marketer at High Alpha, a Venture Studio based in Indianapolis. Welcome to my website. Here I’ll post about random thoughts, learnings, and things that inspire me. Mostly I’ll write about marketing, startups, and tech — but every now and then I may let loose on some other … Continue reading Welcome to eganmontgomery.com