Work – Egan Montgomery

High Alpha – Marketing Manager

At High Alpha, I am responsible for the the portfolio marketing strategy. I work with brand new SaaS companies starting from inception (or even pre-inception) through seed funding. At that point, the companies will typically hire a full time marketer and I will roll off. High Alpha launches many companies each year, meaning I am working with as many as 6 brands at any given time — each one in a vastly different phase of life.

demandjump – director of marketing

At DemandJump, I was responsible for the entire marketing team. This included demand generation, brand marketing, product marketing, and our business development team. Over the course of one year, we increased new meetings for sales per month by over 600%. We launched a video show, built out an event marketing strategy, and built the business development team from the ground up. I managed a team of 6 when we were at our largest.

DemandJump – Digital Marketing Manager

At DemandJump, I was responsible for all organic and paid demand generation. Prior to my taking over this role, we were generating most of the company’s sales opportunities through organic content, referrals, and sales prospecting. I launched and optimized a multi-channel acquisition approach. With my team, we increased marketing qualified leads from 12 per month to 220 per month on a shoestring budget. This increase took place over about 4 months.

Demandjump – marketing Manager

At DemandJump, I was responsible for sales enablement and content. At this point in the company’s life, most of our sales were either founder-led or referrals. Our marketing team was focused on arming our sales team with the high value assets designed to close deals at a high rate. In addition to sales enablement, I also built the foundation for our messaging and positioning, brand strategy, and account based content marketing strategy, which ended up being one of our highest ROI marketing programs.

Demandjump – digital marketing specialist

At DemandJump, I was responsible for building our initial content marketing strategy, including earned and owned media channels. I worked to define our voice and created content that would ultimately generate sales for our marketing attribution platform.

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